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AA-Racks Adjustable Side bar with 30'' Short Over Cab. Extension for Basic 2 Bar Pickup Truck Rack - (P39-SC-BX2)

Original price $ 329.99
Current price $ 159.99
    1. Our unique design of Bracket Bar is built to strengthen the existing basic truck rack style.
    2. Each two of the Bracket Bar are jointed with 6 / 4 Grade 8 Carriage Bolts; adding a total of TEN Carriage Bolts built on each upright pole.
    3. The package also comes with Two of the One-Piece Handrail, which provides the “Grab and Hop” convenience of getting on the truck bed.
    4. Both the Over-cab Extension Bar & Side Bars are Adjustable in length; offering a wide range of fitment (Width & Length) for different Trucks Models.
    5. X39-SC-BX2: Side Bars with 30’’ Short-over Cab. Extension

      The X39-BX2 Series is the upgraded Truck Rack commonly known as the Over-cab style truck ladder rack with side bars.

      Our design concept is an Extension-Bar Package built on a Two-barred basic truck rack style, which can be seen commonly in the e-commerce truck rack market. Most ideally, it is guaranteed compatible with our Model X35.

      We offer different upgrade packages for different customers’ need:

      1. X39-LC-BX2: Side Bars with 55’’Short-over Cab. Extension
      2. X39-B-BX2: Side Bars ONLY with NO Over Cab. Extension

      We also offer Two Color Options for these upgrade packages. They are available in Matte Black & Gloss White.