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AA-Racks 800LB. X-35 Truck Ladder Contractor Pick Up Rack Lumber Cargo New

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Product Information:                                                                       










Loading Capacity:


800 Lb






Top Bar Extension:


Min: 48’’ Max: 65’’


Product Height:




Product Description:

This is a universal model of pick-up racks. The set comes with the Front bars and the Rear bars which are designed for heavy-duty carrying purposes such as lumber, kayak, ladder and other construction tools and materials.

These nice powder-coated racks are made of steel, built to work and last for your needs!

Product Specifications:

The X35 features a TESTED LOADING CAPACITY of 800 lbs. The package comes with a completed set of enforced bolts and washers; no rocket science is required for installation.

Our design of the Extendable Top Bars allows the X35 to fit in different sizes truck beds. The top bars extension ranged from Min 49’’ ~ 66’’.

The Rope Hook on the side of all four uprights provides the security for tying the tools or loads.

There are three drilling holes on the upright plate, which make X35 more compatible bolting on different sizes of bed margins.

Package includes:

A complete set of Front Bars & Rear Bars

A complete set of hardware ( Bolts and Washers )