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Laptop Ipad Tablets Mount Table Holder Desk Car Truck SUV 100C

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Product Information:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


L:12 W:8                

MAX. CAPACITY                

8 LB IN MOTION               


AS SHOWN IN PICTURE                

NET WEIGHT:                


STAND MATERIAL:                

ALLUMINUM ALLOY                
Tray Material:
ABS PLASTIC                


Product Description:

This is a Universal Model Laptop / Tablet Stand with capacity of holding devices up to 12 inch.

Main Stand made of lightweight-forged aluminum. Built to work and last   

Product Specifications:

There are Five Adjustable Tray Brackets which designed to hold  your devices with extra security; the Ball-Head Joint & Quick-Released Camera Connector  provide you with 360 degree angle and the convenience of removing the tray .

Seat-bolt mounting method requires No Drilling for installation! No damage to your car

Quick release on the base of the stand, it can be easily uninstalled from your vehicle   

Product Includes:

Complete Stand set with Mounting Base

ABS Plastic try with Five Adjustable Tray Brackets and knobs

Three regular Link Brackets for different mounting angles.