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K-002AC Heavy Duty Vehicle Laptop Computer Mount W/Cooling Fan

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Product Information:




Tray size:

L: 13''  W: 9''

Max. Loading Capacity:


Tray Color: 

Aluminum Chrome As Shown In Picture

Product Weight



Aluminum & Steel


Product Description:

This model is a heavy-duty designed universal laptop stand which targeted the solution of in-car laptop or tablet devices uses.  

This product is made of steel which is built to work and last at rough environment and harsh conditions.

No drilling is required! Easy installation! A free gift of LED Light and one year limited warranty are all included with just one low price.


Product Specifications:

The K-002AC comes with the standard K-002 Series equipments: Supporting Arm Kit and Non-drilling Brackets.

The Ball-Head Joint provides you with 360 degree angle; you can easily swivel the best position for your convenience.  

The tray can also be easily removed with the Quick-Released Camera Connector; which makes it compatible of connecting your camera or camcorder for other purpose.

The Aluminum Cooling Fan Tray with two Built-in Cooling Fans will always cool your Laptop/Tablet devices from over-heating.

There are FOUR Built-in USB Ports on the side & One DC USB Input on the other side.

An Adjustable Screen Support Arm to protect the screen and holding the right angle for the best sight-view.

The 7’’ Extendable Connecting Arm maximizes its coverage in your car.

Package Includes:

Complete stand set with Non Drilling Bracket

Supporting Arm Kit

Aluminum Cooling Fan Tray with one Screen Support Bracket

7’’ Extendable Connecting Arm

Two sets of Velcro-Straps ( Long Strap & Short Strap )

USB cable, Cigarette Adapter, AC Power adapter



For your safety, do not use your computer while driving. AA products inc. is not liable for any accident caused by using the laptops or any device while driving. Leaving the stand between air bags and passengers may cause fatal injury.