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X37T Universal Fullsize Van Roof Rack Three-bar Steel White Rack

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Product Information:



Max. Capacity:

250 Lb Per Bar

Clamp Size:

Height: 11’’  Width: 7’’

Extendable Bar Length:

Min. 55’’—Max. 73’’

Paint & Color:

Powder Coated White


Steel & Rubber


Product Description:

This is a Universal Model of Three-Barred Van Rack with 250 Lb capacity on each bar.

The unit is powder coated with protective rubber on the clamps. Built to work and last.

Product Specifications:

Our unique Three-bolt Lock design makes it compatible to most van roof rails; while keeping the stability for the loads, it is easy to install & uninstall.



The Protective Rubber Covers on both clamps prevent metallic friction on the rails, which also further reduce the chance of rusting.



Our design of the Oval Shape Metal of the upright clamps is Height-reduced, ( less than 7’’ while installed); this design not only prevents water leakage & improves wind noise problems, it also makes your vehicle more accessible to most height restrictions.  


Package Includes:


Mounting Clamp sets X 3 ( 2 Clamps Per Set; 4 Protective Covers Per Set )


Extendable cross bars X 3 ( Front, Middle & Rear )


Set Screws X 6 ( 2 Per Clamp )


4/1 Carriage Lock Bolts, Nuts & Washers X 12 ( 2 on each clamp )


4/1 Upright Bolt, Nuts & Washers X 6 ( 1 on each clamp )