What do we ship?

All our products are shippable.

Where do we ship to?

All products can be shipped globally basis by USPS Priority International. Domestic orders can choose between UPS Ground and USPS Priority Mail.

How do we ship?

We prefer to use UPS ground or USPS priority mail. Insurance is not applied except for buyer's request and expense.

Rates to ship?

We simply pass along our own charges as calculated by the UPS ground web site.

Sales tax

We charge sales tax for items shipped to: CA(9.00%)

How to track an order that's been shipped?

You should receive a confirmation and delivery notice email after your order is received.

Recycling of packing materials?

We encourage our customers to recycle as much of the shipping material as possible. This includes paper and cardboard packing materials.

Replacement or exchange:

Email / fax us the replacement or exchange request within 7 days of item received.

What can be returned?

All items can be refunded excluding shipping fee.

When do items need to be returned by?

You must request authorization for return by email or fax within 7 days of item received.

Best way is to return in original package, by original carrier. If not, priority mail is preferred. Customer should have a return authorization number, drop it down as memo is ok.

Credit for returns?

If paid by paypal, we refund thru paypal. If paid by credit card, we refund back to the card account.

Packing materials?

Original packaging is preferred, but not a must.

No refunds for any shipping costs.