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Universal Van Three Bar 1992-2016 Ladder Roof Racks Steel (Black) w/ Rear Cargo Roller

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Our unique Three-bolt Lock design makes it compatible to most van rain gutters; while keeping the stability for the loads, it is easy to install & uninstall.

The X37-STC2 features the Adjustable Middle Bar design which fits the new model van with uneven roof. It has an adjustable range of 5/8'' (16mm)

. It fits both the older models and newer model vans, making it universal to most cargo vans. The Protective Rubber Covers on both upright clamps prevent metallic friction on the rain gutters, which can also further reduce chance of rusting.

Our square bars is built with the thickness of Gauge Grade No. 10 (3.78mm actual steel thickness) for heavy-duty purpose. Each bar also comes with one Adjustable Ladder Stopper.

The X37-STC2 also features a Rear Cargo Roller, it not only saves you the hassle of loading heavy bulky items onto the roof; but also makes the loading more securer and faster.

The Oval Shape design of the upright clamps is Height-reduced, ( less than 7'' while installed ); this design not only prevents water leakage & improves wind noise problems, it also makes your vehicle more accessible to most height restrictions